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Veteran Accelerated Management Program:


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Program Focus

New Venture Creation and Innovation Strategy

Executive Management

Executive Management

Executive Management - Energy Sector

Application Dates

Open until 05AUG2017

Open until 25AUG2017

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Distance Module Dates

15AUG2017 - 15JAN2018

05SEP2017 - 05FEB2018

05MAR2018 - 18JUN2018

Residence Module Dates

15JAN2018 - 16MAR2018

05FEB2018 - 31MAR2018

18JUN2018 - 02AUG2018


Closed for new applications

Closed for new applications

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Veteran Accelerated Management Program

Target Audience: Transitioning Service Members and Post 9/11 Veterans.

Executive Education: 7-month program split into a 5-month distance education and 2-month residence education module. Two Capstone projects followed by Industry Placement or Small Business start-up assistance.

Common Core

Psychology of the Veteran Transition (PoVT)

Mission:  Assist each graduate of VETTED to make a successful psychological transition from being a proud member of the armed forces to becoming an effective contributor in the wealth creation sector of our country.

Goals:  To provide military veterans and active duty personnel with an understanding of the unique psychological challenges they face in transitioning to the civilian workforce.  This requires a focus on personal strengths and challenges as well as employer and societal perspectives that must be understood and addressed during reintegration.  This includes developing an appreciation of societal stereotypes of the returning soldier, cultural differences between the military and civilian workforce, understanding approaches to maximizing health and wellness, and approaching the civilian sector workforce with the mindset that constant adaptation is required.  This also includes countering the myth of the dysfunctional veteran, highlighting the “disability trap,” and helping veterans to cope with leaving their “tribe” – mourning, letting go, and moving on from the esprit de corps of the military and the most intense human connections they may ever have.

One-on-One Career Services

Coaching provided by universities and our partner, Commit Foundation, in a variety of areas including resume and LinkedIn optimization, personal assessments, interview research techniques, mock and behavioral interviews with corporate HR managers, personal branding, storytelling and pitching, networking techniques, compensation and salary negotiations, and more.

VETTED 360 Mentorship

A mentor network of geographically distributed business leaders through American Corporate Partners and Veterati mentorship platforms. Mentors provide 1-on-1 mentorship and development for our Vetted Fellows as they integrate into the private sector