2018 Reflections

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Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror…Christmas just around the bend….. 2018 fading quickly into the sunset…

As the year comes rushing to a close, we hurry through the days, so much shopping still to be done- a “quick” (haha) trip to the postal center and decorations strewn around the house… lights to be hung and that relentless one bulb that’s holding up the string from glowing and sparkling on the tree.

I crave the quiet, while creating chaos. A simple glass of wine by the fire, while inviting dozens over for a huge festive gathering. The silent night- but not all is calm!

In all the hustle and bustle, it is easy to forget, just a year or two ago, I wished for the time when my Soldier would be home again, far from that treacherous land where the days were long and the nights…cold.

This year I will stop to give that extra smile to the cashier who wishes she could be out shopping with her family as well. I will tell my friends and family to drop in as they are and share a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a bowl of soup that’s been simmering on the stove- no pressure for dressing up and making “impressions” – no elaborate gifts that have no real meaning.

This year I will shop from my neighbors and friends who are small business owners. I will order cookies from the woman next door trying to make some extra cash to buy her kids new shoes and get my car washed by the man around the corner who so desperately wants to give his wife a “real” gift that he hasn’t been able to for awhile…..

This year, I will walk around the resale shop with $20s and give to kids who are respectful to their parents. I will meander through the stores with coffee gift cards for the retail employees whose feet are burning from those long shifts dealing with angry customers.

This year- I will focus more on BEING PRESENT than on giving and giving PRESENTS.

My gift to you is a wish for peace, love and an appreciation for today……..

…and if you’re in the neighborhood, stop in…coffee is on, cookies are plentiful and if you’re carrying a chill- the soup is HOT!

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