Wonder in Education

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When recently reading a report on education, from the viewpoint of our Primary Education system, I thought to myself: How might we look at the foundation of our education system- where it all begins….and how might we be able to learn from what they are doing to improve the system. 

I found the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics’ threefold purpose: “(1) expand professional opportunity, (2) understand and critique the world and (3) experience wonder, joy and beauty.” 

Wow- going back to the very basics….isn’t that what we are doing with our mission? We are:

1. Expanding the professional opportunities of those who have served and sacrificed for this great nation, upon their exit from the Military…

2. Teaching our Veterans to understand the world of the private Sector in a professional setting and how to evaluate and assess their place within…

3. In the career transition of the lifelong Military member and their Spouse, to help them remember that there are so many possibilities. In helping these amazing individuals to see wonder and hope in the new possibilities, we are able to help them thrive in their communities….

I hope I never lose my sense of wonder and hope. I hope I am able to help others remember theirs or find new hope in this world outside of our service to our country…..

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