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Vetted hosts a monthly Thought Leader Series. This month our topic is “Start Ups”, August 15th in East Austin. 

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Apprenticeship Opportunities

We are excited to announce our new brand ambassador programs here at VETTED! We are looking for college students who have excellent communication skills. Ambassadors will be expected to work 15 hours a month for a minimum of one semester. What better way to have the opportunity to participate in everything from the best Austin events like SXSW to the most comprehensive Dallas business opportunities. Companies we work with include: Deloitte, Call of Duty Endowment, Price WaterHouse Cooper, JP Morgan, Dell, Southwest Airlines, Google, Facebook and many more! We are also very active in the Start-Up community- Veterans and MilSpouses make amazing entrepreneurs, as they live the life of being innovators and flexible!

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities w/VETTED include: Marketing, Public Relations, Writing/Editing, Radio-Television-Film, Business Development, Photography.
Specific event opportunities: Guides/Ushers, Registration, AV sound/camera, Slide Management, Sound Management, Signage posting, Speaker host/s, Table centerpiece/program distro, Runners, Filling swag bags...

Mentorship Opportunities

Vetted is partnered with Veterati & American Corporate Partners (ACP), innovative mentorship platforms that make becoming a mentor and finding a mentor effortless.
Connecting job-seekers to mentors at scale is phase 1 of their greater mission: to transform job search from a painful experience into an inspiring journey.



Join us to help eliminate the systemic transition challenges facing our Veterans today and reverse the downtrend in Veteran entrepreneurship.


Sponsor VETTED programs to prepare and educate Veterans for successful private sector careers. Corporate Partners have access to the amazing talent pool of VETTED Fellows, proven military leaders armed with a foundations in business.


Become a best-in-class Veteran education provider to transform proven military leaders into tomorrow's industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

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