Intentional Acts of Kindness

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INTENTIONAL Acts of Kindness

Do not practice "Random Acts of Kindness"..... instead, practice "INTENTIONAL Acts of Kindness" ~ CMCDB

We’ve all seen the posts on social media- a random act of kindness (most often posted by the person who performed the act of kindness- which begs us to ask the question: is it so random, and is it really an act of kindness?….but that’s for another post.

We propose TODAY that you spend time at the beginning of the week (or whenever you plan out your time- by the month, week or day) and PLAN your INTENTIONAL opportunities to inflict kindness on an unsuspecting individual! Actually put it on your calendar or to-do list. When you are checking out those Austin Events for fun this weekend or what concert or summit you should attend this month, take another moment to find some amazing things you can do for another person!

For example: Monday mornings: I will wave and smile to three other vehicles on my way to work…or Wednesday afternoons I will leave a post-it note on a co-workers desk saying “thanks” for something they did (don’t be weird about it though!)- either for you or for the team. It really is THAT SIMPLE. 

You don’t have to buy someone a coffee in the drive-thru (although that’s nice too) or say you are going to feed a thousand people (great one as well) ~ when you acknowledge someone in the smallest way- on PURPOSE ~ you not only give them a healthy dose of dopamine – you get that for yourself as well! 

Guess what- you actually get TWO doses!!! – one when you PLAN the IAK (Intentional Act of Kindness) and one when you practice it! 

So next time you sit down to plan out your month, week or day- be sure to add your “INTENTIONAL Acts of Kindness” to the list and see how great your day feels  by making someone else’s day a little better too! 

If you found a really fun and creative way to practice IAK- let us know in the comments below! and be sure to SHARE this post on your SM platforms- let’s see if we can get everyone practicing IAK! 

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Paul O'Brien · September 20, 2018 at 10:56 am

IAK in our work: new venture development (incubators and VC) is impact invesment. Workforce development. Economic development. Putting people to work in new ways and training the job skills of tomorrow’s (today’s) economy.

All of us working in that way aren’t just fueling startups. We’re creating jobs and gainful employment.

Thank that mentor, that teacher, and that platform that’s enabling others to find their personal success.

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