Michelle Pfeiffer’s Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned

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Entrepreneurial Lessons from Michelle Pfeiffer

Jason Feifer, Editor and Chief of Entrepreneur, recently wrote an article about Michelle Pfeiffer’s Fragrance,

Michelle stated a few things that I took away as lessons for budding entrepreneurs:

  • It took her 20 years to build her business and if she’d known how long it would take and how much hard work it would be she might not have attempted it.
  • She was passionate about her product in that she wanted to protect her children’s future.
  • She confirmed through market research that no one else was doing what she was attempting.
  • She was innovative in that she was looking at an environmentally friendly, transparent type product long before these two qualities were of mainstream interest to the public.
  • She had to face decades of rejection and failed partnerships.
  • She met with everyone she could that had insight into the industry she was trying to enter both on the product and regulatory side.
  • She stood by the tough but high standards of the product she wanted to create.
  • When she had finally developed the product she started researching, meeting and asking questions about the best way to launch her product, name, design, concept, business, and marketing.
  • She leaned heavily on introductions.
  • She explains that the launch is not the end but rather just the beginning.

You can find the podcast interview on Entrepreneurs’ “Problem Solvers” site. 

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