Partnership Announcement between VETTED and Cameron Search

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Partnership Announcement between VETTED and Cameron Search

May 1, 2017: Austin/San Antonio, Texas – Cameron Search, a staffing agency based in San Antonio, Texas has announced a partnership with VETTED, a foundation based in Austin, Texas th
at supports military veterans with an executive business education to prepare US Military veterans for the business world after years in the military.

VETTED is run by veterans and is also working with major universities. Because of their close ties and experience with the military, they have been able to identify some of the best and brightest veterans with the highest upside to further their careers in the business sector.

“VETTED is proud to partner with Cameron Search. Cameron’s “Matchability” process will skillfully evaluate Veteran’s strengths and weakness to appropriately match them with jobs requiring their respective attributes. It is pivotal that we appropriately identify the right industries and job opportunities that best correlate with a Veteran’s strengths, and even more importantly, their personal passion and intended goals for the next chapter of their lives” – states VETTED founder, Mike Sarraille.

Cameron Search has operated in a number of sectors and cities throughout its 15 year history and offers a “matching” platform that helps identify the right employees for the right companies. Cameron typically outperforms most staffing and placement agencies because of their exclusive platform and matching capabilities.

“I’m thrilled about our partnership with VETTED. We believe in their mission to help US military veterans. Their process of “vetting” their candidates for their programs has great synergies to our proprietary matching platform and should be additive for any of our partners” – Patrick Dudley, CEO of Cameron Search.

About Cameron Search:

Founded in 2001, Cameron Search | Staffing has offices in Nashville, Orlando, Florida, and San Antonio, TX. Serving clients across the U.S., Cameron Search | Staffing has placed thousands of employees in 45 states, plus Puerto Rico. The firm’s in-depth industry knowledge helps clients get the most out of their staffing support, which saves them time and money. Cameron Search | Staffing serves numerous industries including Healthcare, IT, Professional, Call Center, Light Industrial, Accounting and Administrative.


The Vetted Foundation is the optimal veteran transition platform to transform proven military leaders into tomorrow’s industry leaders and entrepreneurs. Vetted identifies military talent for transition preparation and planning, executive education, and industry placement in the private sector. The Vetted Foundation is creating the first State Model, the Texas Model, to serve as the launch pad for successful veteran transitions

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