Countering Hate Book



CWe all start out the same. Whether born in Damascus or Detroit, human beings begin life with similar DNA, common instincts for survival and a basic desire to learn and explore.

So why do some young men and women grow up with plans to promote peace and prosperity, while others set out to harm or kill others? Every day we hear of people who try to disrupt our world, often violently. So what, exactly, is happening to our youth?

Extremists never stop trying to find the next young recruit. They are smarter, more technically savvy and better-organized than we give them credit for. What are they doing well and what can we learn from these insights? Are
we organized the right way to fight extremists? Are we thinking the right way? Are we basing decisions on the most effective models?

Pearson and Ullah join as co-authors to provide a mashup of their combined expertise — years of shaping behavior for the world’s top brands with years of countering terrorism.

Inspired by classes taught at the U.S. State Department on counterterrorism and dealing with disinformation campaigns, the authors have written a book that is part call to action and part innovation lab for those who want to make a difference. They are joined by a wide range of global leaders who provide their insights related to hate and extremism.

The book’s goal is to trigger new ideas on how leaders can partner worldwide to make our world a safer and more productive place over the long-term. One team, one world.